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All vehicles over 3 years old must have a valid MOT certificate, which should be renewed annually.  An MOT test will ensure your vehicle meets minimum safety requirements by law.

During the MOT, important parts on your vehicle will be checked to make sure they meet these legal standards.  This isn’t the same as having your vehicle serviced, and doesn’t check its mechanical condition.  The MOT test does not cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

Important parts of your car that will be checked during the MOT include:

  • Lamps, Reflectors, and Electrical Equipment
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and Road Wheels
  • Seatbelts and Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)
  • Body, Structure and General Items
  • Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions
  • Drivers View of Road

All MOT tests are carried out by a nominated tester, approved by the DVSA.